Work content of electrical equipment maintenance

The overhaul of electrical equipment mainly includes the preparation work before the overhaul, the organization and management of the overhaul, and the acceptance after the overhaul.

(1) Preparations before the overhaul
The preparatory work before the overhaul mainly includes the following contents.
① Compile a list of overhaul items. According to the annual maintenance plan, equipment operation status, existing defects, summary of the last major maintenance, minor maintenance inspection results, and the technological innovation project decided to adopt, the maintenance project shall be implemented after on-site inspection and necessary design, test and appraisal.
②Implement material preparation and overhaul construction site layout. Substances include materials, spare parts, safety equipment, construction machinery and test equipment, etc.
③ Formulate construction technical measures and safety measures.
④Prepare the technical record form, determine the spare parts processing drawings that need to be surveyed, mapped and checked, and formulate the network diagram or construction schedule for the implementation of the overhaul plan.
⑤ Organize teams to study and discuss maintenance plans, projects, schedules, measures, quality requirements and economic responsibility systems, make arrangements for special types of work and labor, coordinate work between teams and special types of work, and determine the responsibility for the construction and acceptance of maintenance projects people.
⑥Do a good job budget for the overhaul project, report it to the leadership for approval and the competent department for record.
One month before the overhaul, the person in charge of the overhaul should organize the relevant personnel to check the preparations for the above-mentioned work, and a comprehensive review before the start of the work. Before the overhaul project starts, the labor force, main materials, spare parts and production technology cooperation projects should be implemented, various construction machinery, special tools, safety appliances and test equipment should be checked, and the overhaul site and its environmental conditions should be carefully selected.

(2) Organization and management of overhaul
The overhaul construction phase is the tense phase of maintenance workers, and the following organizational tasks must be done well.
① Carry out the safety work regulations, check various safety measures to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.
②Inspect and implement the maintenance post responsibility system, strictly implement various quality standards and process measures to ensure the quality of maintenance.
③Know the construction progress at any time, strengthen organization and coordination, and ensure completion on schedule.
④Implement the principle of diligence and thrift, take good care of tools and equipment, and save raw materials.
During construction, we should focus on the maintenance of key items and the comprehensive balance work after the equipment is completely dismantled and the reinstallation phase at the end of the maintenance. After the equipment is disassembled, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out to find equipment defects and grasp the technical status of the equipment. For projects that may affect the construction period and projects that require further implementation of technical measures, the disassembly inspection of the equipment should be carried out as soon as possible. After the equipment is disintegrated, if new defects are discovered, the maintenance items shall be supplemented in time and the maintenance methods shall be implemented.
During the maintenance process, timely records should be made, including equipment technical status, repair content, system and equipment structure changes, measurement data and test results, etc. All records should be complete, correct, concise and practical. The maintenance work should achieve the basic goals of good quality, good safety, short construction period, low maintenance cost and good maintenance management.

(3) Acceptance after overhaul
In order to ensure the quality of overhaul, after the equipment overhaul is completed, the three-level acceptance system of team, branch and factory shall be strictly implemented. For items that are checked and accepted by the team, generally, the inspection personnel will be handed over to the team leader for inspection. The team leader should have a comprehensive grasp of the quality of the entire class and make necessary technical records at any time. Important processes and important items, sub-acceptance items and technical supervision items are checked and accepted by the workshop. After the inspection, the section acceptance record shall be filled in, and its content shall include the signatures of the inspection items, technical records, quality evaluation and the responsible persons of both parties. The general acceptance and overall trial operation of the main equipment after overhaul shall be presided over by the chief engineer of the plant. After checking the section acceptance, branch trial operation data and on-site inspection, if the quality and environment meet the requirements, the chief engineer can issue the start-up and overall trial operation decision. The trial operation includes various cold and hot tests and load tests. If no defect is found and the operation is normal, the chief engineer shall approve it and formally hand it over to the power system dispatching management.
After the major equipment overhaul is completed, the person in charge of the overhaul should organize relevant personnel to summarize the experience as soon as possible, summarize the overhaul work and trial operation, rate the main equipment and evaluate the overhaul work, and write an overhaul summary report within 30 days. At the same time, technical documents such as equipment maintenance technical records, test reports and technical system changes should be sorted out and archived.